September 2016


Startups are 10% tech, 90% hustle.
We give muscle to the hustle.
(Yeah. We just said that)

Find & Seek

Building the app is just the beginning.

Most startups fail. The best UX, the best design, and the best tech cannot help an app that cannot be found. It is for this simple reason that we bake in discoverability into every app that we build right from the beginning.

While it might surprise you, our primary goal at Big Pixel is not to build your app or website. Our primary goal is to help you succeed and discoverability is a big part of that.

Our discoverability services all tie into our ability to design and build amazing apps. We use our expertise in technology to bake discoverability right into your application so that when we are ready to launch your idea into the world, the world is ready for your launch.


Makin’ it rain.

SEO will give you the greatest return on investment of any marketing money you will ever spend.

It really is that simple. If you spend the time and effort on a good SEO campaign, then the rewards are long lasting and powerful. Where else can you spend a few hundred dollars and get new users for 6+ months?

At Big Pixel, transparency is a cornerstone of our business, and SEO is no different. Each month we tell  you what we are planning to do, then we execute it and send you a report to show our effectiveness. Our work speaks for itself.

With all new startups we recommend starting a SEO campaign before we write a single line of code. Why? Because we want your idea to be generating buzz and organic search traffic before it goes live, not six-months after.

User Acquisition

Find. Entice. Evaluate.

Let’s face it. No matter how good an idea is, ultimately it is just a guess as to what the customer wants. Problem is, without any customers how do you know if you guessed right?

Our user acquisition services are meant to help startups get their first 1,000 (-ish) users, evaluate their behaviors, and decide what worked, what didn’t and make the necessary adjustments.

We repeat this process until we are no longer guessing at user behavior. We know it backwards and forwards. We know what they are looking for and what they are not and build accordingly.


Near Raleigh? Let’s Meet!

The best meetings happen over good food. Fortunately our office in Downtown Raleigh, NC is right next to the world famous Pit Barbecue. While  you are munching on some delicious fixin’s we can learn more about your project and see how Big Pixel can help you!