September 2016


It just makes everything better.


User Experience for the Win.

User experience is the fancy way of describing how a person interacts with your mobile app or website. It is the painstaking process of making sure that everyone who uses the app loves it. The bad news is, it is really hard to do right. The good news is, we are really awesome at it.

The way we do this is simple. With each screen and design we challenge ourselves and our clients with a few questions:

  • Can we simplify it?
  • How can we reduce the number of taps on this page?
  • Is it intuitive enough to not need help text?

Sometimes it takes a few iterations. Sometimes it takes some back and forth. But it is always worth taking the time to put the user first.

Function & Form

They are not mutually exclusive.

Contrary to popular belief, just because an app is pretty does not mean it has a good design. In fact, often the opposite is true. Many designers get very clever with their navigation, gestures, and structure and end up confusing the one person that matters: the one using it!

To us a pretty face is just the beginning. From there we go deeper and make sure that every mobile app, website, and application that we make as amazing to use as it is to look at.

We play well with others.

Many of our clients have their own dev teams, but need a bit of help in the design department. In these cases our ability to design and develop helps us relate to the team and work efficiently to create an updated solution that isn’t a nightmare to build.

We also supplement some of our clients who have amazing API, database, and backend developers, but who get bogged down in crafting a complex, easy-to-use, interface.

Being a full-service firm allows us to fit in the “stack” wherever you need us.

Near Raleigh? Let’s Meet!

We do our best work face-to-face. And not to brag or anything, but our office just happens to be near the amazing Videri Chocolate Factory in downtown Raleigh, NC. Let’s meet, have some frozen hot chocolate, and we can talk about all the ways Big Pixel can help you with your project. C’mon, it’ll be fun!